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The FIT CHICKS® 2020 Jumpstart Guide includes:
  • The Secret Method to Crushing Food Cravings &  Feeling Full While Losing Weight (seriously, it makes it effortless!)
  • How to STILL reach goals without giving up favorite foods like wine, chocolate & cheese (and why giving up those foods can do more harm than good)
  • The #1 Nutrition Technique that will to set up fail-proof success in any situation
  • Why working out MORE is actually sabotaging fitness goals (and what to do instead to help build lean fat burning muscle & boost metabolism for up to 36 hours after a workout!)
  • The Most Important Exercise to do RIGHT NOW to get big results for the long haul that has NOTHING to do with your Diet, your Workouts or your Lifestyle!
  • Plus sample workouts, meal plans, worksheets and more to implement starting TODAY!
My name is Laura Jackson, founder of FIT CHICKS, Canada’s largest female only bootcamp, lead educator at FIT CHICKS Academy, creator of the FIT CHICKS Challenge and multi award winning fitness professional of the year, nutritionist and life coach. I specialize in helping women (like you!) transform not only their bodies and health, but create changes and results that LAST.
I also LOVE sharing my secrets aka method that I have learned over 20 years in this industry & I have used to help 1000’s of women - from all levels - lose fat, get fit and learn how to fall in love with fitness, healthy food and more importantly your body without feeling confused & overwhelmed.

These are also the exact method I have also used to go on and lose almost 50lbs, build lean fat burning muscle, shape my body and have more energy than ever. I know you are ready to make serious changes or you would not be reading this right now.

But you need to take ACTION to make it happen. This book includes FIT CHICKS: My Top 5 Fitness & Nutrition Secrets to Jump start 2020 that will not only shift workouts, the way we eat and how we think but also get you on a journey to finally reaching your New Year goals that can at times feel so unattainable. 

Plus, your body & mind will be prepped for the your transformation program ahead in 2020. It literally is as easy as printing off and following along. 

Now we won’t keep you any longer so let’s dive right in. Please check your email to make sure you don't miss it (it may go to your spam or promotions folder!) and let’s get this healthy party started! 

Laura xo Laura Jackson
Founder of FIT CHICKS & FIT CHICKS Academy
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